Mission and Vision

AWA’s mission is to conserve, preserve and restore the natural resources of the Aquetong watershed by engaging with residents; leading and supporting demonstration projects and advocating wise planning and best practices.

We believe people are inextricably linked with the natural environment, especially in Solebury and New Hope where we are entirely dependent on our ground water and underground aquifers for drinking water. The way we treat our lands and homes, what we buy, what we throw away, the choices we make‚Äďall of these have a profound effect on the environment around us. Even if you never take a walk along the Aquetong Creek, what you do in your home and your community affects the health of our streams and water resources.

Our goal is to give residents the information, insight and tools they need to make positive changes in the watershed by working together to protect vital resources and the natural beauty of our region for current and future generations.

We work to achieve our mission by:

Assessing and monitoring the condition of the watershed and partnering with others by developing projects for individual, group, business and governmental participation.

Promoting measures that will maintain and enhance the quality and beauty of the watershed by creating educational programs to promote greater appreciation, understanding and awareness; promoting sustainable ecological practices, and advocating proactively on issues and developments impacting the watershed.

We work to sustain the organization by:

  • Promoting the AWA across the community
  • Building a strong membership and volunteer base
  • Securing a sound financial foundation
  • Developing leaders and outlining a succession plan for future leadership
  • Coordinating efforts and partnering with other watershed associations, government and environmental agencies, and conservation groups.