AWA’s primary programs are focused on tangible action to protect local water resources.

Recent projects have included:

Watershed Monitoring
Results are in. The AWA recently completed a two-year comprehensive assessment of the Aquetong Creek watershed funded by a Growing Greener grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). To learn about the findings and our Action Agenda, click here.

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Tree Plantings
AWA has teamed with Pennsylvania’s TreeVitalize program, Bucks County Conservation District, Trout Unlimited, New Hope/Solebury and Solebury schools and local landowners to plant over 500 trees within the watershed. Each tree is provided with deer protection and we continue to monitor their progress. Only native trees and shrubs are used, and we match the species utilized to the site conditions.

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An informed community can work together to make a difference…and AWA has sponsored workshops to share information and insight on best practices in riparian buffers, water and soil conditions, water conservation, landscaping practices and green roofs.

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Our favorite times are those we spend outdoors…and each year we sponsor a walk-about in different parts of the watershed to get a hands-on look at conditions and opportunities.

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Invasive Plants and Deer Overpopulation
Invasive plants are introduced species that can thrive in areas beyond their natural range of dispersal. These plants are typically very adaptable, aggressive, and have a high reproductive capacity. Their vigor combined with a lack of natural enemies often leads to outbreak populations that can destroy native plants and the delicate balance of nature. There is a close linkage between the rise of invasive plants and deer overpopulation, as deer tend to favor native plants. AWA is evaluating longer term options on how our community might work together to reduce the impact of invasives and reduce the impact of deer on the forests and streams of the watershed.
Aquetong Lake
In 2009, Solebury Township acquired the land surrounding Aquetong Lake from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) for purposes of preserving the land and creating a park and environmental educational facility. PFBC retained ownership of Ingham Spring. The AWA, along with many other civic and environmentally-oriented organziations, will be providing insights and public comments as the Township more fully develops a master plan for this important historic and environmentally sensitive site.

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