Bucks County Conservation District Resources

PDF: 25 Ways to Protect Your Stream and Streamside Property
Brochure for streamside landowners.

PDF: Lakes & Lawns Brochure
Preventing fertilizers and chemicals from leaving your lawn and entering waterways.

PDF: The Benefits of Rain Gardens
Describes the benefits of Rain Gardens, and instructs on how to build one.

PDF: Invasive Plants in Pennsylvania
Lists and describes those plants found in PA that are considered invasive species.

Other Organization Resources

PDF: Where Rivers are Born: The Scientific Imperative for Defending Small Streams and Wetlands This is a summary of a longer report, sponsored by American Rivers and the Sierra Club, that discusses the importance of streams. Click here to read the full report.

Web site: The Audubon Society’s Guide to Backyard Conservation
Tips on how to attract wildlife to your backyard.
Web site: Stewardship Handbook for Natural Lands in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania DEP publications

Web site: Private Water Well Resources

PDF: Managing Riparian Buffers
PA DEP Fact Sheet

PDF: Minimizing Accelerated Soil Erosion and Preventing Sediment Pollution
DEP Fact Sheet

US Government Resources

Web site: Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Private Ground Water Wells

PDF: Adopt Your Watershed Brochure
Volunteer today to protect your local stream or river

PDF: Watershed Patch Programs
Watershed Patch Programs for Schools, Science Clubs and Community Organizations

Web site: 15 Things You Can Do To Make A Difference
Things to do Within Your Watershed

PDF: After the Storm
A Citizens Guide to Stormwater
PDF: Make Your Home the Solution to Stormwater Pollution
A Homeowner’s Guide to Healthy Habits for Clean Water