Board of Directors

  • Lester R. Isbrandt, Ph.D., President
  • Malcolm Crooks, Vice President
  • Stephen L. Phillips, Vice President
  • Craig Sutton, Treasurer
  • Jade Greene, Secretary
  • Brian R. Keyes, Esq.
  • William MacDowell
  • Katherine Meglasson
  • Frank Nassetta
  • Graham Phillips
  • Joseph W. Schwarz, IV
  • Craig Sutton
  • E. Jane Wilson, A.I.A, LEED AP, NCARB
  • Michael A. Zolkewitz, Ph.D.


We thank and recognize the following businesses, corporations, foundations, governments, grantors, individuals and organizations that have generously lent their support since our founding in 2007:

We also thank all of you who have joined in the tree plantings, walk-abouts, educational events, annual meetings, and lifetime and annual members and all those who contributed additional donations to enable the AWA to grow. We acknowledge and deeply appreciate these important contributions to AWA and our community.